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Depression and Deaf Adolescents: A review


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خلاصه ماشینی:

"People with hearing loss experienced the following symptoms of depression (21) • One in two had displayed increased irritability and frustration • One in five had trouble sleeping or experienced restlessness • Nearly 20 per cent showed a loss of interest or pleasure in most activities • One in seven was described as being sad, down and miserable most of the time • One in seven had withdrawn from close family and friends Research findings suggest that not deafness as such, but other risk factors contribute to psychopathology in deaf adolescents (17). 815) Deaf college under graduates N=53 Elderly prelingually deaf persons N=45 Nine Deaf adults, two men and seven women, Ages ranged from 21–65 years 3 questions from the Symptom Checklist -5 (SCL-90) The Beck Depression Inventory –II (BDI-II) Geriatric Depression Scale (GDS) 15 item version and Livingston’s Sleep Scale interview transcriptions(ASL) and researcher observations Even when controlled for gender and age, the risk of an individual experiencing mental distress was more than doubled for the deaf sample. Werngren-Elgström and associates investigated depressive symptoms in nineteen male and twenty- six female members from a population of one hundred and nine prelingually deaf individuals above the age of sixty-five in Skåne, Sweden, and compared this sample to two samples of elderly hearing individuals above the age of sixty-five in the same geographical area; one hundred and thirty- three persons who had been referred to an occupational therapist and/or to a physiotherapist and two hundred and thirty-three persons who had participated in previous studies."

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