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Motivation is one of the neglected parts of English language teaching. Teachers often forget that motivation is the basic part of learners’ English language learning activities. In this sense, learners control the flow of the classroom. Without learners’ motivation, there is no pulse and no life in the class. When learners learn to incorporate direct approaches to generate motivation in their learning, they will become happier and more successful learners. This paper is an attempt to investigate the impact of motivation on learners’ reading comprehension. It reviews the terms motivation, different types of motivation, reading comprehension, and different models of reading comprehension. The review of the literature indicated that motivation has an influential role in learners’ reading comprehension.

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"com Received: May 4, 2017 Accepted: July 17, 2017 Online Published: September 20, 2017 Abstract As listening comprehension plays an indispensable role in language learning, the way in which language instructors cover teaching listening comprehension has been controversial; the recent study selected two approaches to associate listening comprehension tactics: product-oriented and process-oriented. tw Cooper Singman Received: July 4, 2017 Accepted: August 24, 2017 Online Published: September 20, 2017 Abstract Wiki use may help EFL instructors to create an effective learning environment for inquiry-based language teaching and learning. Keywords : EFL, inquiry-based learning, language learning, wiki Efficacy of Explicit Teaching of Lexicographical Skills: The Case of Sudanese English Majors Nauman Al Amin Ali University of Khartoum, Sudan, on secondment to College of Science & Arts, Al Baha University, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia E-mail: alnauman888@gmail. com Received: July 6, 2017 Accepted: September 8, 2017 Online Published: September 20, 2017 Abstract The present study attempted to investigate the impact of electronic portfolio assessment on performance of Iranian EFL learners’ writing."

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