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Privatization of Football Clubs in Iran: Challenges and Barriers


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خلاصه ماشینی:

"Managerial obstacles were lack of serious determination for football clubs privatization, plurality of decision making center and lack of sufficient coordination among them and resistance of some governmental manager CONCLUSIONS Research result has shown that structural challenges are the most important one, this finding is similar to Guidio and Philippe (2003) finding about Spanish football clubs , they found that Spanish football clubs structure isn’t suitable and their development encounter with big challenge(3). Result has shown that legal barriers was the second important obstacle for privatization football clubs ,this result is similar to Guidio and Philippe (2003) finding , their result showed that lack of special law about TV or broadcasting right, sponsors, economic and financial management were the most important reasons for inefficiency in Spanish football clubs ."

صفحه: از 165 تا 168