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Measuring and Modelling of Chaotic Management in Iranian Physical Education Organization


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خلاصه ماشینی:

"Master student of sport management, ImamReza University, Mashhad, Iran INTRODUCTION Analysis, assessment and management of chaotic model based on chaos theory model in national organization for youth and sports in the Islamic Republic of Iran has been the target of this research. In chaotic management in youth sports organization in the strength of these indicators were prioritized as follows: 1- skills of managers (second priority factor analysis), 2-empowerment of employees (priority factor analysis), 3-atmosphere system conference space (fourth priority factor analysis), (4) organizational structure (third priority factor analysis). So, we can employ people with high levels of education and training for managers and promoted them as a source of expertise and skills outlined that under the continuing process of change and innovation in the organization and also design an appropriate structure to maintain and enhance organizational creativity is essential."

صفحه: از 169 تا 172