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خلاصه ماشینی:

"But since the changing attitudes and values of individuals play the best role in development, the Third World countries are impelled to change the prevailing condition because their consciousness increasing and a greater need between growth of population and economic and production growth such being the case, growth, poverty, illiteracy and undernourishment face the society. Kazemi-Poor A study of behavior attitude and opinions of literacy learners, teachers and others involved in literacy movement towards demographical issues: If cultural development is to make culture public or to provide for public participation in cultural activities, it is first and foremost necessary to do away with all cultural inequalities rooted in economic and social circumstances. Hashemiean Since the process of economic development is on the one hand considered as one of the decisive and certain result of cultural changes and on the other hand to bring about such changes, it needs extensive educational investment so as to develop necessary behavior and norms in individuals, therefore, it is essential to suggest through educational system certain points concerning the behavior of consumption and production in the society and thus give a true understanding of production and optimum use thereof to adolescents and youths who are great spiritual sources of our country. This will raise the level of productivity of labor force, considering limited number of resources that can be utilized in our age and upward trend of demand for such resources which is resulted from unplanned growth of population, all individuals in the society should be educated from economic standpoint to renders ineffective any increase in income and consequently the earnings will not suffice to meet the needs of living."

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