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ISC (4 صفحه - از 224 تا 227)

کلید واژه های ماشینی : Hadith، Hadith Hadith Sciences Manuscripts، The Hadith Reign Mucawiyya، Dar، Mucawiyya، Sunan، Fasl، Khitab، He Imam cAli، Sahih

خلاصه ماشینی:

"cAli Sadrayi-Khuyi: Hadith and Hadith Sciences Manuscripts: A Bibliographical Index One of the most necessary things for the revival of Shiite hadith works and the sources of the Sunna، is to identify its chain of documents، viz. The writer then renders a bibliography of the books written by Siite ulema in criticism of Fasl al-Khitab، followed by a list of ulema who insisted on the security of the Quran from being falsified. ) The writer seeks to propose a way to benefit from the social sciences and humanities in studying prophetic hadiths. In view of his book Al-Hadith al-Nabawi bayn al-Riwaya wa''''l-Diraya (Qum: Maktabat al-Imam al-Sadig، 1419/1998)، he explained، inter alia، about his background to writing the book، and the way he selected and studied forty of the Prophet''''s companions، based on the five criteria، viz."

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