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علمی-پژوهشی (وزارت علوم)/ISC (6 صفحه - از 123 تا 128)

خلاصه ماشینی:

Using an "analytical" method, this research examines the implication of the "new institutional approach for dealing with externalities" in Islamic economics. Studying the Effect of Flexible Work Hoursfor Women on Family Welfare with the Islamic Approach(Case Study: Married Women Employed in Higher Education Institutions in Tabriz) Elmira Ashkan / PhD student of Islamic economics, Tabriz Uni elmiraashkan360@yahoo. com Mohammad Reza Salmani Beheshk / Assistant Professor of Economics, Tabriz Uni mrsalmani_2005@yahoo. Inequality in the Distribution of Public Resources; Fair Distribution of Anfal and Public Resources (A Case Study of Targeted Subsidy Plan) Ahmad Ali Yousefi / Associate Professor of Islamic Culture and Thought Research Center economy. com (Ali Akbar Karimi / PhD Student of Islamic Economics, Islamic Culture and Thought Research Center karimiisu@gmail. Investigating the Effect of Providing Banking Facilities within the Framework of Islamic Contracts on the Value Added of Economic Sectors: Application of the Bayesian Vector Autoregression Model (BVAR) (Mohammad Nasr Esfahani / Instructor, Kharazmi Uni m. This paper studies the effect of banking facilities within the framework of the Islamic contracts of Ju'alah, installment plan, legal partnerships, civil participation and Mudharabah on the value added of housing, industry and mining sectors. Based on the results of the study, banking facilities did not have a significant impact on housing, industry and mining sectors within the framework of a legal partnership agreement; however, the facilities of Ju'alah, civil partnership, installment plan and Mudharabah had a positive and meaningful effect on all sectors of economy. Abstracts Veqalah Sokouks (Advocacy Securities), a Useful InstrumentFor Financing Academic Entrepreneurship Seyyed Hadi Arabi / Associate Professor, Qom Uni hadiarabi@gmail.

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