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علمی-ترویجی (وزارت علوم)/ISC (4 صفحه - از 99 تا 102)

خلاصه ماشینی:

The Factors Affecting on Human Will and its Strengthening in Order to Perform Righteous Acts from the Viewpoint of the Quran Hamid Arian / Associate Professor, IKI Aryan@Qabas. Using a descriptive-analytical method, this paper analyzes the factors affecting on human will and strengthening it in order to perform righteous acts from the viewpoint of the Quran. net Received: 2018/06/30 - Accepted: 2018/12/28 Abstract The Holy Quran considers an effective potential for good and bad behaviors - especially the habituated ones - in the human being's happiness or prosperity. Conceptual Analysis of Explanatory Narrations in the Light of the Ideasof Allamah Tabataba'i and Ayatollah Ma'refat Mahdi Kamani Najafabadi / PhD in Comparative Interpretation, University of Science and Education of Holy Quran Received: 2018/08/29 - Accepted: 2019/03/16 Mahdi. Methods of the Esoteric Interpretation of the Holy Quran Hussain Mozaffari / Assistant Professor, IKI mozaffari48@yahoo. com Received: 2018/10/08 - Accepted: 2019/02/12 Abstract Analyzing the mystical interpretation methods is the subject of this paper, and its purpose is helping the seekers of knowledge to understand the hidden meanings of the Holy Quran. Using a descriptive-analytical method, this paper seeks to show these damages through its examples in the interpretations. com Received: 2018/12/10 - Accepted: 2019/04/14 Abstract There are different opinions about the language of the Quran and its characteristics, as one of the examples of the language of religion. net Received: 2018/09/17 - Accepted: 2019/02/25 Abstract Using a descriptive-analytical method, this paper seeks to analyze the achievements of Ayatollah Misbah in analyzing the types of desire, whatness and the types of desires' disturbance with reference to the Quranic verses.

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