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Characteristics of Competent Translator Trainers From the Viewpoint of Expert Iranian Translator Trainers: A Qualitative Study


علمی-پژوهشی (وزارت علوم) (21 صفحه - از 70 تا 90)

In this study, the directed (deductive) content analysis approach was adopted to explore the components of translator trainers’ competencies through in-depth individual semistructured interviews conducted with 10 expert Iranian translator trainers at different universities around Iran. Theoretical model was the translator trainer profile proposed by The European Master’s in Translation (EMT) Group, including fundamental requirements, instructional competence, assessment competence, field competence, organizational competence, and interpersonal competence. Initial codes were extracted from the interview data and subsumed under the existing subcategories of the framework or formed new categories. Subcategories were, then, analyzed and subsumed under the existing main categories or caused new subcategories to emerge. As a result, for the theme fundamental requirements, the main categories ‘research skills’ and ‘linguistic-cultural-general knowledge,’ for the theme assessment competence, the main category ‘using different assessment methods in the class in addition to the summative assessment,’ for the theme instructional competence, the main category ‘the ability to improve students’ competencies and metacompetencies,’ for the theme field competence, the main category ‘the ability to provide students with congruent tasks and being able to do the tasks,’ and ‘knowledge and practice of translation technology,’ for the theme interpersonal competence, the main category ‘complying with the personal/educational ethos,’ and for the theme organizational competence, the main category ‘the ability to manage change’ emerged. So, all the themes were retained with the exception that the theme ‘interpersonal competence’ was changed into ‘personal and interpersonal competence.’

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