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ISC (11 صفحه - از 226 تا 236)

کلید واژه های ماشینی : Mulla Sadra Prophet Muhammad ، Ishraq Mulla Sadra Farabi ، Necessity Religion Viewed Abduh Tabatabei ، The Necessity Religion Viewed Abduh ، Knowledge Viewed Muslim Thinkers ، According Muhammad Abduh ، In Islamic Shariah ، In Ibn Sina ، According ، Philosophy Kalam

خلاصه ماشینی:

"The author of this article while classifying various views and The Necessity of Religion as Viewed by Abduh and Tabatabei Ali Rabbani Gulpaygani Lecturer, Center for Islamic Philosophy and Kalam, Qum According to Muhammad Abduh it is with reference to the belief of the majority of people in the continuation of life in the posthumous state and the importance of attaining eternal happiness through the necessity of social life and the dissemination of ethical values that man''''s need for religion can be explained. The author of this article tries to refer to various definitions of knowledge and put emphasize that knowledge as of other cuitures and moral traditions, especially the Chinese and Hindu traditions, it will be clear that similar crisese and dabates have occurred in other traditions, so we cannot regard this area of science as an exclusive feature of the Greek tradition, although it cannot be denied that in this tradition there are issues that have not been discussed in other traditions. Structuralism and Ibn Arabi''''s Theory of Haqq-i Mutaqad Ata Anzali Researcher of Religious Studies The structuralists are of the view that all mystical experiences are formed under the influence of mental backgrounds of the gnostic including their ideological backgrounds. A study of Ibn Arabi''''s theory of haqq-i mutaqad will lead us to conclude that in his view the intuition of the truth in preliminary level can be under the influence of ideological backgrounds and formed in their pattern. Key words: structuralism, background of mystical experiences, Ibn Arabi, haqq-i mutaqad, perfect man."

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