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Comparative study of Fabric Patterns in Gurkani and Ottoman affected by Fabric Texture in Safavid Iran مقاله

نویسنده مسئول:


The art of weaving is one of the most important arts, which have widespread use in society and at the same time expressing the work of the artists. This art is considered to be the most valuable and oldest industries among Muslim countries especially India, Iran and Ottoman. The nineteenth to eleventh ah /fifth and seventh centuries has been very important in terms of the role, color, texture and composition of fabrics in particular, these two civilizations (India and ottoman) have been influenced by various art of the Safavid era in the past of centuries and have been affected. In this research, we study the roles and designs used and woven in Gurkani and ottoman era, fabrics as well as a variety of designs and texture and the type of color and composition used in the fabric and the impact and have been affected. These civilizations are on each other with attention of the Safavid era has been adapted reviewed. The main focus of research is the similarities and differences in woven designs and patterns in Gurkani and ottoman fabrics affected by Safavid. So first the texture of the fabric during the Gurkani and ottoman times, then the categorization of designs woven motifs are divided into three groups of plant, animals, humans and the design of the drawing lines. This research has been complied in a descriptive and analytical manner and using library sources to comparatively study the fabric patterns in the Gurkani and Ottoman period, influenced by the Safavid era. The use of plant, animals and human designs is the common denominator in these two civilizations.

کلیدواژه ها:

Safavid ، Ottoman ، Gurkani ، Color and composition of the patterns ، Textiles and weaving

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