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Analyzing Contemporary Philippine Art Forms and Critiquing available Local Materials and Appropriate Techniques used in Creating Art مقاله

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The way art is understood has been formalized. The primary objective of this paper is to acquaint the students with one of the methods in analyzing contemporary Philippine art forms and critiquing available local materials and appropriate techniques used in creating art. As part of the subject course in Contemporary Philippine Arts from the Regions, one of the core subjects in the Senior High School curriculum in the Philippines under the K-12 curriculum, one of the methods implemented in critiquing contemporary Philippine artworks is the Analysis-Interpretation- Discernment Method or the AID Method. This method will be carried out together with the description applied to contemporary art and the knowledge in the elements, principles, and contexts of arts. Criticism can be construed positively. Several critics discuss their reactions to various forms of art and weigh in on the works’ merits. One may not always agree with their assessments, as the criteria or standards of evaluation may differ significantly from those of the professional critic. In this circumstance, visiting contemporary art exhibitions and conversing with living artists is critical for developing a knowledge and appreciation for the Philippine arts and culture. The purpose of art criticism gives a significant role in the process of inquiry in relation to contemporary arts, that is, to distinguish the different contexts of art to a familiar art form as well as to appraise the culture of the Philippine arts with awareness and appreciation.

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Art ، Method ، Criticism ، Analysis ، contemporary art ، Philippine Art

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