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کلید واژه های ماشینی : The Ethics Accountability In Religious ، The Importance Accountability Social Justice ، In Islamic Republic Iran ، This Islamic Republic Iran ، Accountability ، Answers According Qur ، Accountability In Religious Government ، Mohammad Hossein Pazhohandeh ، According Imam Ali ، This Ayatollah Motahhari

خلاصه ماشینی:

"The writer argues that accountability not only helps fulfill the demands of the people, but paves the way for social justice as well. In this article, the writer explores the question of accountability accountability has other advantages including social dynamism, awareness of the health of the culture and ideology, assurance of the educational system, the formation of law-abiding habit in the individual and society, dispelling indifference and lack of commitment toward one''''s as well as others'''' destiny, and the spirit of collective partnership. Thus ethics depending on virtue has a sacred charter based on which the manager considers its responsibility as divine, cares about the people''''s rights, treats people with honesty and respect, shows tolerance toward criticism, has no material greed, etc. Accountability and the Society''''s Supervisory Systems Hossein Bashir The question that the writer tries to answer n this article is this: What is the mechanism that can help institutionalize accountability? Obviously, social power and having a sense of responsibility by themselves do not guarantee systems are not based on the rights of the ruler only, but there is also the question of obligations. In this article, the writer has made an attempt to, based on Imam Ali''''s views, describes the behavioral characteristics of managers in the Islamic government. Accountability, In the governments of the Prophet Ali Akbar Navaee The government of the Prophet in the advent of the Islamic Education pathology and religious knowledge Seyed Majid Zahiri The present article, which deals with the questions of education pathology and religious knowledge, consists of an introduction, six sections and one concluding section."

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