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ict impact on the labor productivity in the iranian manufartuing industries; a multilevel analysis


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"ICT Impact on the Labor Productivity in the Iranian Manufacturing Industries; a Multilevel Analysis Saeed Moshiri 1 ( Esfandiar Jahangard** Abstract Keywords: - Corresponding Author, Associate Professor, University of Allameh Tabatabaie, smoshiri@mun. Dewan and Kraemer (1998) and Pohjola (2000) also find positive relationship between the ICT investment and the economic growth in developed countries, but not a significant one in the LDCs. More recently, using the state space model, Moshiri and Jahangard (2004) show a positive relationship between the ICT spending and economic growth in Iran, and using the stochastic frontier production function method, Gholami, Moshiri, and Lee (2004) report a positive relationship between the ICT spending and the efficiency in the Iranian manufacturing industries over the period 1993-1999. In this paper, we extend the literature of the relationship between ICT and productivity in developing countries by using the firm-level data on the Iranian manufacturing industries and applying a multivariate estimation model, which would capture the complexity of the behavior and the heterogeneity among the firms. For example, the ICT is expected to have a higher effect on the labor productivity in manufacturing industries such as electronic computation devices, computer hardware, and medical equipments compared with those like shoes and leather products, because they employ different types of technologies and also they have different levels of ICT complimentary factors, such as high skilled labor. 54 software and the maximum likelihood method to estimate the effect of the ICT on the labor productivity among different manufacturing industries."

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