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کلید واژه های ماشینی : View Imam Khomeini Comprehending Quran، In View Imam Khomeini Comprehending، The Imam Khomeini Quranic Quran، Imam Khomeini، Returning Quran Iman Khomeini، Imam Khomeini Quran، Quran Imam Khomeini، In Imam Khomeini Quran، After Quran Imam Khomeini، In Knows Quran Quran

خلاصه ماشینی:

"In addition to stiplating this meaning he also reminds some points about Quran like exoteric reasoning of Quran , Quran equality, guidance gool of Quran and inviting people to meditate which demonstrate Quran Public comprehension. Stories of Quran in Imam Khomeini''''spoints of View Dr. NadAli Ashoori Talkoui In the point of view of Imam Khomeini Quran is the book of gnosticism, ethics and humanizing; but for intellectual capacity of all the people is not equal Quranic sublime learnings narrated as a story so that the masses can derive great pleasure from this divine spread table. Quran Paraphrasing in Imam Khomeini''''s Point View Dr Ahmad Abedi After mentioning the meaning of paraphrase in Quran -e- Karim this essay tries to study this matter fro logical aspect and traditional aspect and then cites muslims'''' different opinions about it. Septet Words of Quran in Imam Khomeini''''s Point of View Dr. R."

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