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کلید واژه های ماشینی : Knowledge، The Mediated Immediate Knowledge، Washington University St Louis، Immediate Mediated Knowledge، McDonnell Foundation St Louis، Kinds Immediate Knowledge، Perspectives On Quine، Mahdi Haeri Yazdi Dr، What Islamic Ayatollah Dr، The Knowledge Transcendent Metaphysics

خلاصه ماشینی:

"Interaction between subject and object By: Abbas Arefi A very significant discussion which from Kant onwards played a very critical role in the epistemology was this question whether man's mind is like a mirror in its perceptions of the external world which reflects picture passively without any interference or perception are constantly products of interaction between mind and external facts which leads to the impossibility of attainment of the pure fact. The present article deals with analysis and study of this kind of knowledge and hence it first will study the distinction of Mediated and Immediate Knowledge in order to make Perspectives On Quine By: Dr. Alireza Hodaee During 9-13 April, 1988, Perspectives on Quine: An International Conference, convened at Washington University in St Louis under the sponsorship of the James S. this paper which comparatively and critically deals with the view points of the Islamic and Western philosophers about the said topic, is basicly concerned with proving the actuality of the external world and the ability of man's mind to attain that reality."

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