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علمی-ترویجی/ISC (9 صفحه - از 294 تا 302)

کلید واژه های ماشینی : The Primary Principle Speeches Acts، Introduction Role Expediency Islamic Jurisprudence، Guiding Institutions Understanding Holy Quran، An Assessment Structure Jurisprudence، The Discourse Philosophy Jurisprudence، The Guiding Institutions Understanding Holy، The Role Tolerance Legal Codes، Primary Principle Speeches Acts Innocents، The Comprehensiveness Perfection Shariah، Shariah

خلاصه ماشینی:

"Key words: comprehensiveness and perfection of Shariah, the constancy and variability of religious rules, the authorities of an Islamic ruler, Shariah development, expediency, the discretionary area question that arises is that when one is not sure about any of the above two cases then what is the job here. Key words: philosophy of jurisprudence, fiqh, human cognitions, right, obligation, expediency Vol. 9 / Do. 32 / Summer 2004 QABASAT A Quarterly Journal on studying Religion 3 / What is the Philosophy of Jurisprudence Jabber Tawhidi Aqdam and Abdurrahim Sulaimani Behbahani 3 / The Discourse on the Philosophy of Jurisprudence Abdolhossein Khosrowpanah 4 / Justice and Law Naser Qurabanneya 4 / An Introduction to the Role of Expediency in Islamic Jurisprudence Seafollah Sarrami 4 / The Guiding Institutions for Understanding the Holy Quran Aliakbar Rashad 5 / The Role of Tolerance in the Legal Codes Tahirah Assadullahi 6 / Detection and Implementation of Shariah in Social Relation Ahmadali Yousofi 6 / The Primary Principle in the Speeches and Acts of|Innocents (Holy Prophet and Imams) Hasanali Aliakbaian 7 / The Scope of Shariah Abulqasim Alidoust 8 / The Comprehensiveness and Perfection of Shariah and its|Development in the Age of Ghaibat Syed Hussain Hashimi 9 / An Assessment of the Structure of Jurisprudence Husein Hasanzadeh Vol. 9 / Do. 32 / Summer 2004 QABASAT A Quarterly Journal on studying Religion License & Managing Editor: Ali Akbar Rashad Editor In – chief: Mohammad Mohammad Rezaie Typeseting and Make–up: Schcolarly Journals Tel: 021 – 8501064 , 8735417 & 0251 – 7830627 Fax: 021 – 8764792 & 0251 - 7831601 P."

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