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Renovation and innovaion in education, its facillities and its conditions


علمی-پژوهشی/ISC (6 صفحه - از 9 تا 14)

The rapid evolution of all aspects of the human life، especially in the field of ommunication and information، on one hand، and the common destiny of the world due to higher interaction between countries، on the other hand، have created a social motivation for innovation and renovation. This motivation comes generally along with some frustration among the people of most of the developing countries. This frustration pushes them to undertake reforms –if not revolution- in political، social or cultural domain including education issues. The people of these societies being anxious about the education of their young generation are fascinated by the new doctrines or technologies of education. Hence، they often forget or underestimate the sound traditions stemmed from their cultural inheritance. They neglect as well the present and future conditions or possibilities of innovation in their own countries. This article emphasizes that before starting any innovation in education system، it is worthwhile to answer to the following questions: 1- How we perceive the innovation to be realized in each of the domains of education? 2- What are the relevant conditions for such realization? 3- How and from where we have to start these educational innovations? Answers to these questions are given in this article.

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