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ISC (2 صفحه - از 119 تا 120)

کلید واژه های ماشینی : Ibn Taymiyya Muhammad Amin Istarabadi ، The Ibn Taymiyya Muhammad Amin ، Taymiyya Muhammad Amin Istarabadi Arab ، Zaki Najib Mahmood Ali Sami ، Muhammad Amin Istarabadi Arab Dr ، Aesthetic Judgment Moral Image World ، Examples Emotionalism Islamic World ، Professor Muhammad Taqi Misbah ، Yar Ali Kord Firozjai ، Islamic Morality Mysticism

خلاصه ماشینی:

"To avoid a lengthy discussion of the views of these thinkers, though they are worth analysing, the author tries to give a brief idea of them. Abstracts Islamic Morality and Mysticism Professor Muhammad Taqi Misbah This article deals with a number of ethical instructions on which Professor Misbah concentrated in his lecture presented to a number of seminarians. Aesthetic Judgment and the Moral Image of the World Majed Abu al-Qaism Zadeh The present article sheds light on the theory of "the moral image of the world", a new interpretation of Kants philosophy of ethics. In this theory, Kant seems to have been greatly influenced by Rossues ideas. After having become acquainted with Rossues views, Kant came to the conclusion that it is impossible for man to have a sound and sustainable moral conduct without forming an idea of the moral image of the world. The present article offers examples of emotionalism in the Islamic world and"

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