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کلید واژه های ماشینی : The Unity Existence Unity Intuition ، Mu ، World Viewpoints Plotinus Mulla Sadra ، University ، Imam Fakhr Razi Khajeh ، Imam Sadiq ، Theosophical Faction Mu ، Sadr ، The Causes Rise Theosophical ، Necessarily

خلاصه ماشینی:

"Key words: science of theosophy, theosophical system, Mu’tazilah, intellectualism, methodology, factious theosophy, causes of coming into existence An Analysis of Islamic Thinkers’ Opinions of What Faith Is Dr. Fatemeh Sadiqzadeh Ghamsari University Faculty / Imam Sadiq (P. Key words: faith, knowledge, the heart’s inclination, faith-related states, practical obedience, intellectual contemplation, the truth’s disclosure and intuition The Unity of Existence and the Unity of Intuition Dr. Marzieh Akhlaghi University Faculty The basis of true knowledge of monotheism and mysticism is established on the reality of existence and its unity, which is divided into the unity of existence, on the one hand, and the unity of essence, attributes and actions, on the other hand. Along with probing into Avicenna’s reasoning based on the denial of the essence of the Necessarily-Existing, the present paper also aims at pointing out the negative consequences of relating the concept of essence to God. It also endeavors to shed more light on the issue on the basis of the viewpoints of two of his reliable and outstanding annotators, i. Key words: existence, essence, the Necessarily-Existing, material and difference, limit, conceptual co-operation, likeness and oppositeness Induction and Causality Dr. Marzieh Sadeghi University Faculty / Qum University A survey of the validity of induction is deemed necessary for the reasons of a very close relation between the principle of causality and one’s capability of forming an opinion of things general within sciences, and the dependency of the approval of the above-mentioned principle of causality on the necessity of induction."

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