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ISC (6 صفحه - از 141 تا 146)

کلید واژه های ماشینی : The Role Family Courts Securing ، Role Family Courts Securing Family ، Family Courts Securing Family Foundation ، Islamic Republic Iran ، In General Assembly World Health ، Role Modesty Islamic Social Laws ، House Justice ، Knowledge View Islamic Jurisprudence ، Jodgment House Justice ، The Validity A Judge

خلاصه ماشینی:

"In accordance with, clause 52 of the law, on the principles for the system of justice, it supervise in criminal cases, the duty of the house of justice is top prosecute procedures cosecote the criminals by investigating and announcing their crimes. The Role of Modesty in the Islamic Social Laws and RightsEzzat al-Sadat Mir KhaniNot paying attention to the principles of the sound code of behavior in establishing social relations and enacting legal acts are some of the fundamental distinctive features of the modern era. Paragraph 171 of the law of the Islamic Republic of Iran takes into consideration the obligation to redress detriment caused by mistakes in courts. In accordance with clause 51, which is almost exactly the same as paragraph 171 of the constitutional law of the Islamic Republic of Iran) a judge who in issueing or applying a judgment for a specific case, on purpose or unintentionally makes a mistake and causes material or non - material detriment to someone is responsible for a redress."

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