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ISC (11 صفحه - از 180 تا 190)

کلید واژه های ماشینی : Legal Deduction Teachings Infallible Imams ، Islamic Holy Quran Prophet ، Joining Joining Convention Women ، Dynamic Legal Deduction Teachings Infallible ، The Methods Dynamic Legal Deduction ، Iranian ، Right Live ، Part ، Moreover ، Batool Ahani

خلاصه ماشینی:

"(Part III) Touba Shakeri Golpayegani In the analysis of the formulaic principle of under protection of law, which is a binding obligation of the Islamic government to protect, the individual’s right to live and the guaranty of putting the punishment into effect are of the greatest significance, on the one hand. In the process of the derivation of formulas for verdicts, this method is itself not only obliged by the prevailing conditions in Right to Divorce Given to the Husband (Part II) Leila Asadi Only the division of husband’s property with the wife is a proviso proposed by the Supreme Court by way of its instructions of the years 1361/1983 and 1362/1984 to be included in marriage contracts. In accordance with the right given to the bride and the bridegroom to free will, this proviso is put to effect if both of them have consented to it at the time of making their marriage contract, as this is required by article 1119 of the Iranian civil law. Women’s Non-pecuniary Rights in the Family Zahra Tarassoli Making a marriage contract sound in accordance with the relevant religious and civil laws arises rights and dutied for the wife and the husband. Thus, we will give an account of the role of the rich system of Islamic legal deduction, which not only has its special principles and rules but it is also dynamic and can grow and conform itself to the demands and accommodations of the time in any issue."

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