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ISC (5 صفحه - از 161 تا 165)

کلید واژه های ماشینی : War Rights Homeless Guardianless Children ، Criminal Liability According Various Schools ، Liability According Various Schools Thought ، Na ، Committed Father View Corporative Criminal ، Economic Sexual Exploitation ، Pecuniary Penalty ، The Theory Compensating Nonphysieal ، Children ’ Criminal ، View Corporative Criminal Policy

خلاصه ماشینی:

"Consequently, the physical and psychological safety, nutritional, hygienic and educational needs of children must be fulfilled in order to prevent problems in the future. One of the fundamental duties of governments during armed hostilities and after their end is to protect war-stricken children in accordance with the prevalent international laws in order to prevent future problems. For this reason children must be given priority in crises and emergencies, and the protection of their rights with respect to their physical and psychological security, proper schooling, training, nutrition and hygiene must be given priority. Nevertheless, in case hostilities arise, children’s rights, especially those of homeless and guardianless children, must be guaranteed by all means, and any violation of the duty will entail accountability. In traditional criminal law a public prosecutor’s claim implies direct interference by the state in a reaction to a criminal action in cases where the public interest and common rights as well as the public order are violated as a consequence of a criminal act."

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