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Islam, Christianity, and Judaism: Can they Live Peacefully toether?


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کلید واژه های ماشینی : Christian، For Christians Muslims Jews، In Muslims Christians Jews، Christianity , Judaism، Christians Jews، Muslims، Muslim، As Dalrymple Syrian Christian Muslim، Muslims , Christians، Abrahamic

خلاصه ماشینی:

"The question that urgently needs to be answered by the representatives of the Abrahamic faiths is how can these established religions fulfill their own responsibilities towards their own followers, and at the same time positively contribute to the formation of societies which are genuinely pluralistic and multicultural, and fairly cohesive and stable, free from the ills of the modern time? 6 These developments, alongside the efforts of modern theologians to introduce new interpretations of religious beliefs, have all helped to create a new intellectual environment in which science and religion, by and large, appear to be partners rather than rivals. 8 However, it can be claimed that in the intellectual environment of the late twentieth century, science and religion have reached a new understanding concerning their respected sphere of activity and the possible areas of cooperation. With the advent of the modern sciences in the aftermath of the Renaissance a new trend, which has persisted up until the present time, in various forms and with varying degrees of emphasis, gained prominence: many unbelievers have tried to present empirical sciences as the sole representative of reason and use it to force religious beliefs out of the scene. Does the emergence of a multitude of new and diverse ideas, along with sophisticated new technologies which help disseminating them, herald the beginning of a process of gradual weakening and eventual disappearance of the world established religions especially the family of the Abrahamic faiths?"

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