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Spiritual Walayahor Love in the Mathnavi Mawlavi: A Shi ''ite View


علمی-پژوهشی/ISC (14 صفحه - از 145 تا 158)

کلید واژه های ماشینی : Love Mathnavi Mawlavi ، Mawlaw ، Mawlawi ، Walayah Love Mathnavi Mawlavi ، If Mawlawi Shams Tabrizi ، Mu ، The God God God ، Spiritual Walayah ، Sufi ، The Mathnawi Jalaluddin Rumi

خلاصه ماشینی:

"Thus we see that in his Mathnawi, Mawlawi speaks favorably about all the first four caliphs, but his tone of speaking differs completely when he comes to ‘Ali,9 because he recognizes him as being the wali after the Prophet. Mawlawi, like almost all the Sufi shaykhs, is Shi‘i in that he believes in walayah and recognizes ‘Ali to be the wali after the Prophet. 7. ''''Ali as the First Wali Since he considers the reality of religion to be walayah, which belongs to the heart and to mystery, and since ‘Ali is the vessel of this mystery after the Prophet, Mawlawi says: Reveal the mystery, O ‘Ali, thou who art approved (by God), O thou who art goodly ease after evil fate! Thus the Mathnavi is also a book of walayah, and Mawlavi is a Shi‘ite, not in the current sense of the jurists or dialectical theologians, but in its true meaning, that is, belief in the continuing spirituality and walayah of the Prophet in the person of ‘Ali, and belief that after the Prophet there is always a living guide (wali) on the way of love. 1 The way of the heart is the way of love, in which the wayfarer purifies his heart until he gains union with God. In addition to this, the Sufis believe that in every period of time there is a divine spiritual guide or wali, and that it is only through him that one can find the way to God. So, after the __________________________ * Iranian Academy of Philosophy"

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