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علمی-پژوهشی/ISC (7 صفحه - از 104 تا 110)

کلید واژه های ماشینی : JOURNAL OF RELIGIOUS THOUGHT، A QUARTERLY OF SHIRAZ UNIVERSITY، Mystical Manifestations Prayers Sahifeh Sajjadieh، Logic Philosophy Muslims Muslims، The Factors Opposing Kalam، Avicenna، New Age Religion، Prayer، Logic Influence Aristotlian Logic، WINTER

خلاصه ماشینی:

"13,WINTER 2005 Avicenna''''s Creations in Logic and its Influence on Aristotlian Logic Akbar Faydei Abstract The base of Aristotle''''s logics was so strong that for several centuries after him , most of the scholars considered it perfect from different aspects and it governed thoughts and views of other thinkers. In this paper, Firstly, we introduce the existing spiritual currents and movements; secondly, we list the five elements, the five trends, and the two main characteristics of New Age Religion; thirdly, we discuss this movement''''s critical attitudes towards western modern culture and civilization; and finally, we deal with the traditionalist''''s critique of the movement''''s of criticizing the west. According to the famous and commonly accepted theory, all of God’s attributes having different concepts refer to one extensive that is His essence. 13,WINTER 2005 Mystical Manifestations of Prayers in Sahifeh Sajjadieh Dr. Mahdi Ebrahimi Abstract This article consists of the following issues: A."

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