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علمی-پژوهشی (حوزه علمیه)/ISC (12 صفحه - از 303 تا 314)

کلید واژه های ماشینی : In Nag Hammadi Gospels، Ferdowsi University Mashhad، Holy Quran Nag Hammadi Gospels، Mashhad University Faculty Theology، Gospel Holy Quran Nag Hammadi، Faculty Theology، Assistant Professor، In Gospels Gospels، University، Arabian Peninsula

خلاصه ماشینی:

"Backgrounds of Monotheism in the Arabian Peninsula in the Pre-Islamic Period Remarks on Nestorians (Eastern Syrian Christians) Dr. Laylā Hūshangī, Assistant Professor The Encyclopedia of Islam Foundation, Tehran T here is no question about the importance of understanding the history of monotheist communities present in the Arabian Peninsula Brevity and Delineation in Traditions Dr. Majīd Ma‘ārif, Associate Professor Faculty of Theology, Tehran University A mong the significant issues in Fiqh al-Ḥadīth (science of traditions) to be taken into consideration is the relation between brevity and delineation in traditions. A Historical Account of the Qur’anic and Ḥadīth Studies in Transoxiana (From the Fall of Samanids to the Invasion of the Mongols (389 - 616/992 - 1219) Dr. Ali Ghufrānī, Assistant Professor Faculty of Theology, Ferdowsi University of Mashhad T he land of Transoxiana belonged to the last portions of the ancient Iran, which was taken over by Muslims in the late 1st/7th century. The Advantages of Rāmyār’s History of the Qur’an Dr. Manṣūr Pahlawān, Associate Professor Faculty of Theology, Tehran University R amyār’s History of the Qur’an is the first Persian volume on the topic, which enjoys abundant references and is firmly composed with ABSTRACTS The Idea of the Seven Climates and the Examination of References to it in Traditions Dr. Aḥmad Pākatchī, Assistant Professor Imām Ṣādiq University A ccording to an ancient belief shared among various nations, the inhabited quarter of the world consists of seven parts, which is represented in Islamic culture as “Seven Climates”."

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