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چکیده ها به زبان انگلیسی

کلید واژه های ماشینی : Juridical Justice Policy Hadrat Ali ، Social Justice Policy Hadrat Ali ، Hadrat Ali ، Applications Juridical Justice Policy Hadrat ، ــ In Support Hadrat Ali ، ــ ، Justice Letter Imam Ali Malik ، Conception Justice Letter Imam Ali ، Rights Hadrat Ali ، This Muslims Hadrat Ali

خلاصه ماشینی:

"The present study also pays special attention to the limits and sources of this ``policy'''''''' also to its reflection on the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, the Islamic Human Rights (Cairo Declaration), as well as on The International Covenant on Civil and Political Rights accepted by the general Assembly of the United Nations, the constitutions of the Islamic Republic of Iran, the Code of criminal procedure in the preliminary investigations and interrogations, also on the adjudication for beneficiaries. Finally, this paper studies the credit and value of Hadrat Ali''''s policy in his verdicts from the forensic medicine and today''''s scientific crime investigations'''' angles, as well as its impact on various aspects and conditions of appointing a judge in the Islamic juridical discipline. Contents Editor in chief''''s Note Book review ــAl-Imam Ali, Sowt ul-Idalat ul-insania··· 17 ــEncyclopedia of Islam Study and Criticism ··· 43 Articles: ــA Sacred Conception of Justice in the Letter of Imam Ali to Malik Ashtar (Dr. Reza Shah Kazemi). ··· 137 ــThe Unity of the Members of the Umma, and Minorities'''' Rights from Hadrat Ali''''s View point (Dr. Mohammad Tay, trans. Houman Nazemiyan) ــThe Example of the Eternalness (Hujjat ul-Islam va al-Muslemin Mohammad Dashti) ــOutstanding Applications of Juridical Justice in the Policy of Hadrat Ali (P. H. ) (Dr. Mohammad Saleh Validi) ــEducation from Nahj ul-Balagha Perspective (Jacinthe Salibi) ــIn Support of Hadrat Ali''''s Leadership (Dr. Jafar Delshad) ــThe Final Word of the First Imam (Dr. Gholam-Ali Afrouz) ــWishing for Martyrdom; the Essence of Hadrat Ali''''s Pains and Sufferings in Nahj ul-Balagha (Massoud Hossein Chari - Dr. Sayyed Ali Akbar Hosseini) Introducing New books: ــ The Succession of Hadrat Mohammad (P."

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