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متن و ترجمه بیش از 393,000 حدیث شیعه در پایگاه نورحدیث ...
فهرست مقالات


ISC (9 صفحه - از 376 تا 384)

خلاصه ماشینی:

"The article, takes into consideration the features of this Tafsir and sayyid Razi's exegetical method and style, pointing out in details and with reference to examples from the book, his viewpoints on the uneqivocal and the ambiguous verses, interpretation of the Qur'an through the Qor'an, the status of intellect and personal effort-ijtahad- in Tafair, and the use of literature and narration. Qur'anic Definitions ; an Unknown Branch of Qur'anic Sciences Muhammad Reza Ibn ul - Rasul What is brought up in this writing is presenting a wide-spread research into the Qur'an and hadith, on the basis of which terms relating to the field of religion and other instituuions are studied from the viewpoint of Qur'anic "definition". s) Ali Akbar Rustami The article elucidates the significance of words of Itrat (the family of the Prophet-saw) in interpretation of the Qur'an and touches upon the authority of Hadith-i- Thaqalayn, quoting some points from several great scholars . s) Seerah Sayyid Muhammad Husayn Muballigh This article seeks to elaborate on the impact of the Qur'an on Imam Ali's(a. s) and Qur'anic Humanism Muhammad Bahrami In this article, human nature is studied and a comparison is made between psychologists' viewpoints, Quranic verses, and Imam Ali's(a. Among Islamic sources, Ali's(A) sayings and life-history has In The Name of Allah the Compassionate, the Merciful Abstracts The Quarterly Pajuhishhaye Qur'ani, No. 23 & 24 Which is now Presented to you, includes two sections: Topical Research and Qur'anic Monographs (miscellaneous articles)."

برای مشاهده محتوای مقاله لازم است وارد پایگاه شوید. در صورتی که عضو نیستید از قسمت عضویت اقدام فرمایید.