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کلید واژه های ماشینی : Imam Khomeini، Globalization، Expediency Perspective Imam Khomeini، Expediency Imam Khomeini، In Imam Khomeini، The Theory Expediency Perspective Imam، As Imam Khomeini، Ex، The United States، Mo

خلاصه ماشینی:

"The Theory of Expediency from the Perspective of Imam Khomeini Seyyed Ali Hosseini In Imam Khomeini''''s view, expediency indicates all interests ret urning to society and covering a wide domain- which embraces worldly, eschatological, c ult ural, economic, and political interests. An Introd uction to Globalization Davood Kiani Globalization is a process based on which, events and decisions in one part of the world can leave significant conseq uences on individ uals and societies q uite far from it. Since h uman societies are made by individ uals, whatever capable of infl uencing individ uals and reg ulating their behavior wo uld nat urally create social developments thro ugh infl uencing individ uals. Therefore, when dealing with globalization, we sho uld try to materialize the universal message of Islam while imm unizing o urselves against terrible conseq uences of this new feat ure of the old colonization. The first view considers it a serio us danger for Iran leading to the collapse of its c ult ural and national fo undations. Hamid Mowlana on the C ult ural Iss ues of Globalization Nowadays the ideology of globalization is based more on economic fo undations altho ugh the economic sit uation ret urns also to political aspects. Globalization can be regarded as strengthening social relations thro ugho ut the world so remote societies become dependent on each other and there is a kind of dialectic process."

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