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ISC (6 صفحه - از 139 تا 144)

کلید واژه های ماشینی : Honor Dignity God Imam ، Honor Dignity ، Introd Religio Semantics Honor Dignity ، Political Regimes View Imam Ali ، Iran ، An Introd Religio Semantics Honor ، Iranian ، Finally Imam Sadegh ، In Imam Ali ، Sol

خلاصه ماشینی:

"According to the sociology politics, vario us factors co uld be effective in this regard, namely the ethical, financial and religio us integrity, and a concern abo ut economic reforms, the gratification of people’s needs and eschewing oppression. An exact definition of this sit uation from a scientific and historical perspective and a As urvey of its origin and development co uld be regarded as val uable for those interested in thehistory of Islamic j urispr udence. As for the way to act ualize s uch a c ult ure, he believes the world view to be a main ca use, hence we are obliged to establish a H ussein – like atmosphere that aims at deliverance from anything which is not in the path of God. O ur potential is very high and the limitations co uld be removed, he concl udes. Honor and Dignity become meaningf ul as long as they indicate devotion to God and their combination with the holy name of Imam H ussein(pb uh) signifies a reco urse to one of the most devo ut servants of God. The Medi um and the Concept of Imam H ussein’s Honor and Dignity Interview with Dr. Bahonar Dr. Bahonar believes that to interpret the concept of Imam H ussein’s Honor and Dignity in the light of religio us c ult ure and comm unication, one sho uld notice that every c ult ure, to maintain its gen uine identity, sho uld have a reco urse to its mythological backgro und."

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