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ISC (8 صفحه - از 293 تا 300)

کلید واژه های ماشینی : Iran ، Of Islamic Veil Last ، Chador ، Veil ، Examination Veil Iran ، Iranian ، Chador Quranic Chador ، From Last Years Pahlawi ، Pahlawi Islamic Revolution ، Iranian Chador

خلاصه ماشینی:

"Modesty, Veil and Opinions By: Mutahharah Ali Murtaza After examining rationality and innateness of tendency towardcovering and relation between veil and modesty, this article discusses Muslim women veil and its quality and boundaries from the viewpoint Women Employment and the Process Of Covering Change By: Batul Akhawirad On the basis of research findings, veil and covering of the body, from the beginning of human civilization, was in the form of complete covering of the body, vast and long. Critical Examination of the Patterns Of Islamic Veil in the Last Three Decades By: Frough Nilchizadah This paper examines the advantages and disadvantages of each of the usual kinds of religious covering of Iranian Muslim women. Although several kinds of native Chadors have been common among Iranian women and the formal Chadors including semi-circle, sleeve and original Iranian, in correspondence to the Quranic valuable pattern of veil, has especial characteristics, only the waist Chador is representative of Quranic and civil authentic of Chador and according to the professionals is 'more covering than Chador and more comfortable than manteau'. This kind of Chador possesses unique qualities that show cleverness of Iranian women and impression from Abstracts Translated by: Seyed Lutfullah Jalali A Historical and Sociological Examination Of Veil in the Divine Religions By: Majid Kashani (Ph. D) Veil as an important cultural issue and instrument for confrontation sexual and moral corruption, has been of great importance in all social schools and divine religions."

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