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Football Clubs Privatization Barriers Ranking


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"Privatization football clubs in developed countries began at the 1990s, because of solving financial problems such as costs increases,specially players fees and new fiscal resources needs . ONCLUSIONS As the result has shown economical obstacles are the most important barriers of professional football clubs privatization . Donya Padash(2009) showed economic factors are the most important affecting factors on privatization of football clubs too[2]. Legal barriers was the second important obstacle for privatization professional football clubs. Managerial obstacles were less important barriers , this finding is similar to Donya Padash(2009) finding , she showed that managerial issue are not important affecting factors on football club privatization[2]. Solving economic problems of football clubs is the first step in barriers omitting , legal issues such as providing special laws and alteration them can provide infrastructures for successfully privatization plan , Also present football clubs structures should be changed to commercial because it helps increase of fiscal resource too ."

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17 Annals of Applied Sport Science , Spring 2015, Volume 3 - Number 9

18 Annals of Applied Sport Science , Spring 2015, Volume 3 - Number 9

purpose of this study was to identify and interpret‌ the‌ football‌ clubs privatization barriers to answer this question, Why has Iran been pussyfooting on privatization‌ of‌ football clubs? With regarding to this division our research questions was : What is‌ the‌ most‌ important Barriers of football club privatization in Iran?


As there is currently no‌ established‌ theory regarding the football clubs privatization in Iran , this research was done on‌ basis‌ of‌ exploratory –descriptive method so instead of hypothesis we have questions as mentioned before . Professional football‌ clubs‌ managers(primer league and first level ), football federation top managers and some‌ sport‌ management‌ and football experts familiar with clubs circumstance were selected as research sample.

Librarian and field‌ study‌ ways‌ were used as data gathering methods. Questionnaire of Likert five choice spectrum‌ was‌ used for variables measurement (0/96 reliability). Freidman ranking test was used to determine the difference observed‌ among‌ various groups and p<0.05 was considered statistically significant.


As Table‌ 1 shows‌ economic barriers (3.71) , significantly higher when compared‌ with‌ legal‌

(2.92), structural(2.37) and managerial (1.00) , so‌ null‌ hypothesis didn’t confirm(Table 1).

Table 1. Ranking four group of barriers

Challenges Mean Mean‌ rank‌ Asymp.sig




.000‌ ***










*** Significant‌ at‌ 1%.

19 Annals of Applied Sport Science , Spring 2015, Volume 3 - Number 9

20 Annals of Applied Sport Science , Spring 2015, Volume 3 - Number 9