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Performance and Resistance to Change in the Relationship between Participation in Sports and Youth Agency Staff Kermanshah Province


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"In this study, the researcher sought is whether the participation in running youth sports organizations with employee resistance to change is a significant relationship exists Kermanshah. To investigate the relationship between participative management and employee resistance to change in Kermanshah Province Office of Youth and Sport of the questionnaire Farahani (1389) is used. RESULTS According to the Pearson test results in Table 1, from the perspective of Kermanshah between participation in youth sports office employees run with their resistance to change, there is a significant negative correlation (p≤0 / 05). Table 1: Pearson correlation coefficient between the variables involved in the implementation and resistance to change رجوع شود به تصویر صفحه The means of the Pearson correlation test and the number 0/05 to 0/005 is less Therefore, in accordance with the principle of correlation between performance and resistance to change in employee participation in sport and youth organizations there Kermanshah province."

صفحه: از 181 تا 184
181 Annals of Applied Sport Science , Spring 2015, Volume 3 - Number 9


First National Congress of

"New Scientific Consequence‌ for‌ Iran‌’s Sport Development" Lahijan Branch, Islamic Azad University, 2014, 10-11 December

w w w . aas s j our nal. c om‌

ISSN (Online): 2322 – 4479

Performance and Resistance to Change in the

Relationship between‌ Participation in Sports and‌ Youth‌ Agency Staff Kermanshah Province

Nariman Rahmani 1, Ali Maleki 2, kobra Din 3, Abed Rahmani4, Foroogh Mohammadi 5

1. Kermanshah University, phD candidate in sports management

2. Physical Education graduate student, University of Shahid Beheshti, Tehran, Iran‌.

3. Master of Education

4. Physical Education graduate student University of Shahid Beheshti, Tehran, Iran.

5. Master of Sports Management experts


All organizations are faced in his career. In today's volatile and competitive‌ world‌, organizations are able to fast track the progress of the problem, the lack of readiness of personnel and organizations are (1). Regardless of their level of resistance emergence is normal. not‌ and‌ cannot be applied, often resist change, status quo to maintain sovereignty takes place due to past traditions and practices (2) To save the situation and unknown risks, organizations can survive‌ long‌ lasting experience that coordinate with internal and external changes, Well deal with the unknown and constantly keep pace with the expectations of the technology and new management style formation‌ (3). One‌ of‌ the effective ways of reducing‌ the‌ resistance‌ to change in organizations using participatory management. Participatory management is involved in the process of exploring the sites of the problem‌ situation‌ analysis‌ Vdstyaby solutions so that employees have a lot of‌ decision‌ making power to obtain solutions consult with their supervisors are Vrvsay Increase employee participation in organizational change programs to‌ facilitate‌ the‌ provision and coordination with the environmental changes 4. In this study‌, the researcher sought

182 Annals of Applied Sport Science , Spring 2015, Volume 3 - Number 9

183 Annals of Applied Sport Science , Spring 2015, Volume 3 - Number 9

184 Annals of Applied Sport Science , Spring 2015, Volume 3 - Number 9