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ISC (21 صفحه - از 194 تا 214)

کلید واژه های ماشینی : Junior Technical School ، He Junior Technical School ، During Junior Technical School ، Religious ، Piet ، Rigstra ، Uden ، Sessions ، Rigstra Junior Thechnical School ، Mead

خلاصه ماشینی:

"As a matter of fact, growing children and adolescents are in great need of guidance and this cannot be attained but through a mutual respectful relationships with young people, for moral and religious development have roots not only in the mental (intellectual) abilities but in the ways parents, instructors and people of the same age interact with them, along with various socio-cultural and emotional values interchanged. In the second case, he took the role of father upon himself in the eyes of his children and- Sessions 29, 30, 31 and 32When tackling his problem of reading the newspaper, it turns out that he is especially bothered by the large number of separate colums of test with numerous burdened letters in the headlines. In the field of clinical psychology of religion still more time has to be spent on collecting, describing and analysing psychotherapeutic case histories, in whose psychopathology and treatment process a clearly religious dimension is included (see also Wikstrand#246;m, 1994, 230). The important other in the primary self-other system can be a specific person, if, for example, the self-mother relationship structures the total meaning-giving, or it can be a generalised other, such as the family, a social group or community. A meaning system is a cognitive complex of beliefs, attitudes, values and norms that the individual constructs during his personal history in a continuing process of interpretation, systematization and legitimation of himself, others and events, by which the individual structures himself as a totality and transcends his immediate life situation, gives meaning to his life and acquires a relative subjective security."

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