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کلید واژه های ماشینی : Spiritual Islam Islamic Republic Iran ، Governmental Jurisprudence Field General Policy ، Study Effect High Performance Work ، Spiritual Intelligence Its Role Work ، Governmental Jurisprudence General Policy ، Imam Sadiq University Received ، Study Relationship Governmental Jurisprudence ، Performance Review Intermediary Role ، Case Study Number Businesses Tehran ، Performance Work Systems Organization

خلاصه ماشینی:

"A Study of the Effect of High Performance Work Systems on Organization's Performance and a Review of Intermediary Role of Human Resources' Flexibility; a Case Study of a Number of the Businesses of Tehran, Zone Six Mustafa Fattahi 1 / Sajid Goodarzi 2 / Mohammad Hussein Nouroozi 3 Abstract In recent years, the subject of high performance work systems and their effect on other organizational variables like organization's performance and human resources' flexibility has been the special concern to researchers. With regard to the fact that no research has been done in this kind of work systems in our country, whether at individual level or organizational level; the present paper tries to study the effect of applying high performance work systems on the promotion of organizational performance and review the intermediary role of human resources' flexibility in this regard. Examining the concept of "spiritual intelligence", its position and its role in work environment, this paper makes use of library studies, descriptive method and logical analysis."

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