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فهرست مقالات

خلاصه مقالات به عربی و انگلیسی

ISC (12 صفحه - از 205 تا 216)

کلید واژه های ماشینی : علم الادارة، مجالات علم الادارة المختلفة، الادارة الاسلامیة، علم، علم الادارة والتعالیم الاسلامیة، Based Islamic Narrations، العدالة، علم المعرفة، علم المعرفة الدینی، المعرفة فی الادارة

خلاصه ماشینی:

"تعقد هذه المقالة مقارنة بین نظریات علم الادارة فی مواضیع مثل: نظرة المدیر الی الانسان، اسلوب الادارة، التوازن الاداری، الدوافع، الابداع والتجدید، اتخاذ القرار و حل المشکلة، مواجهة حالة الریب، العلاقات، الاهتمام المؤثر و أصالة العمل من جهة وبین تعالیم الدین الاسلامی المبین من جهة اخری. Basic Variances in Motivating Employees with Reference to Islamic Narrations Mr. Ali Agha Pirooz Motivating employees is one of the major tasks of a manager: that is developing and strengthening an internal desire in the employees resulting in specific constant behaviors. The most important stimuli which motivate employees include: religious beliefs, just treatment, desirable subsistence, interesting objectives, attention, praise and encouragement, appropriate career design including: career engineering, career development, career circulation, Key Words: humanistic view, management method, value system, time management, motivation, decision making. Gaeeni In this article, through a brief consideration of the epistemology of empirical science in general, and the science of management in specific, it has been tried to re-identify, the position of these sciences amongst human A Comparative Examination of Theories of management and Islamic Guidelines Dr. Ali Rezaian In order to improve the recognition and administration of human resources of the organization, the experts believe in the requirement of three outstanding events in the process of the development of management science: the human relation movement, the perfect quality management movement, and management exigency resolution. Gaeeni Basic Variances in Motivating Employees with Reference to Islamic Narrations Mr. Ali Agha Pirooz Organization Based on Islamic Narrations Mr. Abbas Shafiee Professional Labor Force and the Compensation of Fair Service: a Review on the Theory of Justice and Equality Mr. Firooz Raznahan"

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