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ISC (2 صفحه - از 127 تا 128)

کلید واژه های ماشینی : Survey ODA Distribution Developing Regions، ABSTRACT A Survey ODA Distribution، West Asia Latin America، Appraising Economic Policies Macroeconometrical، ODA، Offical Development Assistance، The Suits ODA، Model Appraising Economic Policies، Distribution American ODA، United States America

خلاصه ماشینی:

"ABSTRACT A Survey on ODA Distribution among the Developing Regions inthecurrent paper, suit s index has been used to ,easure and compare the concentration degree of ODA (Offical Development Assistance) to the recipient countries in Africa, South-East Asia, West Asia and Latin America, within the bilateral aid schemes and multilateral institutions. These indicates that ODA flows from the multilateral institutions were more focused on developing regions comparing with bilateral schemes. lt can be concluded thhat strategic problems and benefits of donors, in different degrees, gets priority over assisting poverty-stricken regions in ODA flows allocation. ABSTRACT A Macroeconometrics (Satellite-Core) Model for Appraising iranian Economic Policies in the current paper a Macroeconometrical model is designed and also appraised for ltans economy in this model, by taking advantage of macroeconomic theories on ,arket dispersion and illustrating the quality of the relation among them, the equations, are seperately appraised and are designed in the shape of independent satellites."

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