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a comparison of the operational aspects in islamic and non-islamic banking systems

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بهار 1382 - شماره 8 (16 صفحه - از 47 تا 62)

کلید واژه های ماشینی : Mobilization ،Cash Cheeks ،Thus ،Demand ،Resources ،No ،Reserve ،Holy ،Economy ،Whereas ،With ،Finance ،Central Bank Islamic Republic ،Bank Islamic Republic Iran ،gD ،Monetary Banking Research Institute ،Islamic Republic Iran ،Bank ،Banking ،Islamic Banking ،DL ،DD ،gD + gE ،Central Bank ،Money ،As ،It ،Monetary ،DRD ،gE

The present paper is an attempt to: 1- Demonstrate how money is created (by the nature of the system), and to estimate the inflation resulting from monetary factors in both usurious and non-usurious systems. Operational aspects of Islamic and non-Islamic banking systems are compared. 2- Introduce a corrective term to be added to the multiplier of the supply of money, in order to prevent the under-estimation of the multiplier into the usurious system.

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