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a comparison of the operational aspects in islamic and non-islamic banking systems

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بهار 1382 - شماره 8 (16 صفحه - از 47 تا 62)

کلید واژه های ماشینی : Central Bank Islamic Republic ،Bank Islamic Republic Iran ،gD ،Monetary Banking Research Institute ،Islamic Republic Iran ،Bank ،Banking ،Islamic Banking ،DL ،DD ،gD + gE ،Central Bank ،Money ،As ،It ،Monetary ،DRD ،gE ،Mobilization ،Cash Cheeks ،Thus ،Demand ،Resources ،No ،Reserve ،Holy ،Economy ،Whereas ،With ،Finance

The present paper is an attempt to: 1- Demonstrate how money is created (by the nature of the system), and to estimate the inflation resulting from monetary factors in both usurious and non-usurious systems. Operational aspects of Islamic and non-Islamic banking systems are compared. 2- Introduce a corrective term to be added to the multiplier of the supply of money, in order to prevent the under-estimation of the multiplier into the usurious system.

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