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"We compare in this article, different viewpoints and the effect of them on the growth and the development economy of these countries key words Industrial relations , labor law, export – orientation strategy, import substitution strategy, social justice , quality of work life , employment , unemployment , economic welfare, knowledge workers, labor intensive industries, capital intensive industries, foreigen direct investment. Key words Non – governmental organization, Organizational entrepreneurship, Grass – roots organizations, Grass – roots Support organizations, Social leadership, NGOs challenges, empowerment Model For Projects Productivity Measurement and Appraisal With Index(ratios) Approach and AHP Technique Mansour Moameni,ph. Key words Service quality, SERQUAL, tangibles, reliablity , responsibility, assurance, empathy Comparison the degree of organizational learning between public and non – profit schools in Qom city Hassan zarei matin, ph. D The present article is abstract of a Ph. D dissertation which focuses on a “ Survey on the Organizational Structure and Management Methods of Iranian Press and Its Relationship with Their Ownership After the Islamic Revolution."

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