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کلید واژه های ماشینی : Different Attitudes In Computer Simulation، Abstract The Problem Different Attitudes، Problem Different Attitudes In Computer، The Problem Different Attitudes In، Abstract The Role Reengineering And، Reengineering And Information Technology Improving، Role Reengineering And Information Technology، And Information Technology Improving Performance، The Role Reengineering And Information، Technology Improving Performance Quality

خلاصه ماشینی:

"(به تصویر صفحه مراجعه شود) (به تصویر صفحه مراجعه شود) Abstract The Problem of Different Attitudes In Computer Simulation By:Kamran Feizi(PH. In order to illustrate the problem of different attiudes in computer Simulation,an apparently simple phenomena is introduced. Implementation of two computer simulation models basrd on different attituds towards the phenomena leads us to different numeric results. (به تصویر صفحه مراجعه شود) (به تصویر صفحه مراجعه شود) Abstract The Role of Reengineering And Information Technology in Improving Performance Quality By:Fattah Sharifzadeh,(ph. Abstract To improve organization performance,a variety of techniques and procedures are applied. With respect to problem nature and organization activities,its size,human and financial resources and so on,the application of such techniques is different In this article,relationship between reengineering and information Technology and their impact on organization Quality activity and performance will be evaluated. (به تصویر صفحه مراجعه شود) (به تصویر صفحه مراجعه شود)"

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