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العلمية - البحثية (وزارت علوم)/ISC (7 صفحة - من 134 إلی 140)

الكلمات المفتاحية عبر المكننة : Assistant Professor The University Tehran ، Safavid ، Assistant Professor University Tehran ، India ، eTQ ، Hassan Sabbah ، Received ، Sukayna Bint ، Assistant Professor ، The Hassan Sabbah

خلاصه ماشینی:

"Certificates of Transmission "Ijāzāt al-Riwāya" and their Functions in Safavid Historical Researchs 1 Hamid Bagheri (Received: 3 February 2014- Accepted: 21 May 2014) Abstract Ijāza a term describing a variety of academic certificates that giving, receiving, and collecting such certificates grew from the science of Prophetic tradition and became an essential part of Islamic education in nearly all academic fields. 135 The literary and social personality of Sukayna Bint el_ Hossain (Pbuh) Mohammad Reza Shahroodi1, Roghaye Ebrahimizad Jooyomi 2 (Received:13 April 2013- Accepted: 21 May 2014) Abstract The study of Islamic history and Arabic literature makes us acquaited with different short and long news about the cultural, political and social personality of Sukayna Bint el_Hossain (Pbuh), a great and educated lady of the household of the holy prophet (Pbuh). 136 The Impact of Isfahan-dweller Indian Traders on Safavid Trade: A Case Study of Baniyans 1 Asghar qaedan (Received: 12 July 2013- Accepted: 21 May 2014) Abstract Among the main factors of friendly commercial and political relations between Safavid Iran and India were reciprocal needs and policies of Safavid kings concerning trade development. , 8ddUdeM[e Dc]RQdd]c( I[UgQcdUej ]R HQTcM[, /, 8dd]OUMeQ Dc]RQdd]c ]R I[UgQcdUej ]R HQTcM[, ;YMUX5 bMQPM[7fe,MO,Uc, 0, DT:, ScMPfMeQP ]R I[UgQcdUej ]R HQTcM[, 138 Ale - Iraq (New research in a century, under control of Samanid rule on Khwarazm) 1 Javad Heravi (Received: 27 April 2013- Accepted: 21 May 2014) Abstract So far, no clear analysis of political events in Iran in the context of Khwarazm in the third and fourth centuries AH/ tenth century has been achieved."

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