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Faranak Parent-Child Mother Goose Program: Impact on Mother-Child Relationship for Mothers of Preschool Hearing Impaired Children


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Hearing impairment ،child relationship ،Child Mother Goose Program ،Faranak Program

کلید واژه های ماشینی : Child Mother Goose Program ، Parent ، Pre ، Faranak Parent ، The Faranak PCMG Program ، Faranak PCMG Program Iranian Parent ، Child Relationship Mothers Preschool ، Impact Mother ، Mothers Preschool Hearing Impaired Children ، The Faranak

Objectives: The parent-child relationship is one of the strongest predictors of a child’s adjustment during adulthood. Many hearing-impaired children have normal hearing families, and this issue adversely affects the parent-child relationship; however, studies on interventions have focused on high-risk clinical specimens. Methods: The effect of the Faranak parent-child program (Persian version of Parent-Child Mother Goose Program) on the quality of mother-child relationship has been evaluated in this study, which involved families having preschool, hearing-impaired children. A group of 14 mothers with hearing-impaired children participated in this 12-week program. The control group received no training. Both groups were asked to complete the Gerrard parent-child questionnaire before and after the intervention program to assess their relationship with their children before and after the program. Results: The mothers who were part of the experiment group reported many positive changes in their relationship with the child during the program. Discussion: The Frank Parent-Child Mother Goose Program could help families with hearingimpaired children in this 12-week community-based program, wherein parents learned skills that affect the relationship between mother and child.

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