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Border trade impact on the economic development in Sudan - Case study, Darfur states (2015)


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The overall aim of this study is to figure out the contribution of border trade to the economic and social development and to identify the economic integration between Dar fur states and the neighboring countries; the study hypothesis based on literature examination and prompted the study metrics. Based on previous studies, random samples of respondents were selected to answer 200 questionnaires designed for data collection, 168 respondents answered the questions of the Questionnaires, 84% responsive rate, to ensure the data dependency the study used CronbachAlphaand Chi-square to test the study hypothesis. The most important outcomes of this study are, border trade has a positive effect on the economic development by providing job opportunities for border population, reducing smuggling operations across borders, bringing security and stability and improving economic and political relationships. The study recommended that government officials must activate border trade and it is also suggested future studies on relevant factors of border trade that are influencing it such as smuggling operations cross borders and border trade changes. The results shows that there is statistical significant relationship between border trade and the economic development in these Border States, the results discussions confirmed the validity of the hypotheses.

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