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کلید واژه های ماشینی : Maybudi Ghadir Khutba Imam cAli، Commentary Ghadir Khutba Imam cAli، Hadith، Anwar Mir Hamid Husayn، Mr Muhammad Ali Ridayi، The Ayatollah Mirza Muhammad Hasan، Praise Works Mir Hamid Husayn، Mir Damad، Mr Muhammad Fakir، Imam cAli Prophetic

خلاصه ماشینی:

"Michael Cook: The Opponents of the Writing of the Tradition in Early Islam Tr. by Dr Abul Qasim Sirri After the Prophet passed away، the recording of hadiths became one of the main controversial themes. 3): Khabar al-Wahid ‘A Single Piece of News’ The present work is concerned with a compartive study on the definitions of khabar al-wahid as formulated in both Shiite and Sunnite literature of hadith sciences. The paper has the following headings: Comparison of Various Relations، Similarity of the Text of the Hadith، Similarity in the Documents of the Hadith، the Time Span of the Hadith Transmitters، The Chain of Transmitters of a Person، The Inclusion of the Transmitter’s Name in Books on Rijal، The Expressions Used in the Text، The Lacuna، The Value of the Hadith Book، The Multitude of Cases of Relation، The Logical Reason، and other topics. In issue No. 8 of the journal cUlum-i Hadith، Mr Muhammad Ali Ridayi-Isfahani published an article، entitled “Durugh Pardazan dar Hawzi-yi Hadith-i Ahl-i Tasannun” [Liers in the Feild of Sunnite Hadiths] upon which the present review article is written. Mir Damad devoted his book to such topics as the main divisions of hadiths، the three classes of ijmac ‘consensus’، variation over the goodness of the hadiths related from Abdul cAzim al-Hasani، a study of Sunnite ulema’s views on Ibn Salah، Ibn Jamaca، and al-Tayyibi، a study of the words subject to jarh and ta cdil ‘wounding and authentication’، unknown transmitters، Ibn cUmayr’s mursal hadiths، i."

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