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کلید واژه های ماشینی : Imam Khomeini، Imam Khomei، Hadith Book Viewed Imam Khomeini، Selecting Officials Doctrine Imam Khomeini، Criteria Selecting Officials Doctrine Imam، After Sharh Chihil Hadith، Sharh Chihil Hadith، The Criteria Selecting Officials Doctrine، Five Moral Docrtrines Imam Khomei، Sharh Hadith

خلاصه ماشینی:

"Ali nasiri: Sharh Hadith Junud ‘Aql wa jahl at a Glonce when Imam al-Sadiq mentioned ‘aql ''''intellect'''' and jahl ''''ignorance''''، asking his companions to khow the hosts of ‘aql and jahl in order to get directed to the right path، one of them requested him to introduce them. After writing Sharh Chihil Hadith، Imam Komeini started writing a commentary on the junud-i-aql-wa-jahl hadith. Drawing upon the above-mentioned book، the present paper explores Imam Khomeini''''s five main moral doctrines in the field of practical ethics. To represent Imam Khomeini''''s views in the realm of fiqh al-hadith، the writer extracted eight principles with pivotal role from his tiqh، usul، hadith، and mystic works، followed by some discussions. Ahmad Abidi: Hadith Book as Viewed by Imam Khomeini to refer to a hadith، first its validity must be verified. The paper is centred around Imam Khomeini''''s views concerning some of shiite hadith books، all extracted from his works."

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