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کلید واژه های ماشینی : Comparative Glance Over Their Various ، West Middle Ages Middle Ages ، Exegesis Intellectual Understanding Holy Qur ، Glance Over Their Various Types ، A Comparative Glance Over Their ، Western Intellectualism Islamic Intellectualims ، Islamic Intellectualims Artificial Intellectualism ، The Artificial Intellectualism ، Glance Over History Intellectual Thought ، Iran

خلاصه ماشینی:

"A Prelude to the Regulations for the Correct Exegesis and the Intellectual Understanding of the Holy Qur''''an Reza Haqpanah In this article the insight in the religious texts in particular the Holy Qur''''an is introduced in proper and methodological ways like the insight in the other spoken and written matters. The Holy Qur''''an not only possesses unique characteristics but has some distinct basis for its Imam Khomeini''''s Behaviourism Towards the Course of Intellectualism Syed Majjed Zaheeri In this article the behavior ot the late Imam Khomeini (R. In this article in order to better comprehend the development of intellectual thought in the West, its history and the means of its emergence and its cultural and social basis are analyzed and based on it the readers can acquaint with the comprehensive understanding of this subject. Then the author of this article discusses in length and accurately the most important subject of the dealing of the Islamic societies in particular Iran with the Western intellectual thoughts."

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