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کلید واژه های ماشینی : Morality Mutual Advantage Kantian Contractarianism، The Multiple Identity Liberalism، Ali Akbar Navaee، Translated Ali Haghghi، Liberalism، Liberal، Tradition Social Contract، Will Kim Lika، Religion Liberalism، Contractarianism

خلاصه ماشینی:

"The writer argues that two bases of liberalism; that is, individuality and collectivism, and the differences between them, explain in part the multiplicity of liberalist versions. Also, the writer goes on to say, other values and principles of liberalism such as democracy, freedom, justice, rationality, position of the government, capitalism and free market, account for other aspects of this multiplicity. Liberalism Jeremy Waldron Translated by Ali Haghghi In the political philosophy of liberalism, certain principles are explored which are connected, before everything, with the liberal politics: freedom, tolerance, individual rights, constitutional democracy and the rule of the law. Liberals are of the opinion that political organizations are justified by their cooperation in securing the interests of the individual, interests that can be understood with no recourse to the concepts of society and politics. Liberals neither believe that cultures, societies and governments are goals in themselves, nor do they maintain that the aim of political and social organizations is to alter or to evolve the human nature."

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