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کلید واژه های ماشینی : The Historical Conditions Ashura Movement ، The Imam Falsehood Truth ، Ashura Movement ، Objectives Ashura Movement ، The Imam ، Seyed Abbas Nabavi ، The Truth Falsehood ، Ali Akbar Navaee ، Gholam Ali Afrooz ، Imam Hossein

خلاصه ماشینی:

"Psychological Foundation of the Ashura Movement Gholam Ali Afrooz This article presents a psychological interpretation of the Karbala movement, which has resulted in profound, sublime insights throughout history. He then discusses the question of salvation, and mentions Imam Hossein as the best example of a man attaining salvation; a man with a balanced and ideal disposition, a man of profound insight, committed to sublime religious teachings, a man of sound rationality. And it is for his unique characteristics that he managed to set an example to be followed throughout history and the epic he created served as the best lesson of religious commitment, responsibility, insight, rationality, liberality, self-sacrifice, freedom-seeking. The Historical Conditions of the Ashura Movement and Imam Hossein''''s Fighting Strategies Ali Akbar Navaee In this article, the writer discusses the historical conditions after the death of the Prophet. The Prophet''''s anticipations, the writer argues, came true after his death in that corruption proceeded from the rulers to the common people, leaving nothing unaffected."

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