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کلید واژه های ماشینی : In Mulla Sadra، Seyed Hossein Homayoon، The Protestantism Calvinism، Soroush، The Dr، Development، According، Thus Dr، According Dr، Religious

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"According to Dr. Soroush, the purpose of this doctrine is to find solutions for the problems of Muslim intellectuals and religious reformers in combining the ideas of change and stability in religion in order to keep up with the time. Religious experience and its relationship with religious knowledge Mohammad Hossein Pazhoohandeh The faculty of the intellect provides man with a profound belief in things which, though they are not to be perceived, affect his life. For this reason, the best way to know God and the divine is known to be religious experience, often referred to in the mystic culture as "knowledge of divine signs. Various ways to attain religious knowledge Ali Akbar Navayee In this article, the writer is concerned with the ways to discover the purpose of religion and its concepts and propositions. In the second part of the article, the writer discusses the various ways of acquiring religious knowledge, concentrating on two main ways: revelation and tradition."

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